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Prompt Seven

Author: Ashley
word count: 100 (including movie dialog)
warnings: none
prompt: Lancelot quote
Author's notes: Feedback would be love.

“You fight for a world that will never exist. Never.”

I would fight for a world that includes you.

“There will always be a battlefield.”

He sighs, and you watch him think, and you open your mouth more than once to attempt an answer.

“…burn me and cast my ashes to a strong east wind.”

You shut it again, and know that answer does not lie in you.

He smirks and you think he’s going to ruminate further, but he looks into your eyes once with his burning gaze and both of you know there is no ‘further.’

Never exist.


Author: Ashley
I Am With You
word count: 100
warnings: none
Prompt: Arthur smiles
author's notes: feedback. ;)

Lancelot watches as Arthur speaks to the other men of war and one last battle. They are angry, but slowly turn to his cause and finally trickle away to prepare.

Arthur spins elegantly on his heel, leaving to create his own readiness, and Lancelot bites his cheek as the Roman does not include him in the discussion. He has a feeling Arthur does this on purpose –

but Lancelot does not care. He is in the mood for arguments, and he will see Arthur’s anger show its face before the smile that the other man rarely graces them with shines again.
Tags: prompt seven

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