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Prompt 9

Author's Name: Jax
Title: Formation
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Happy endings aren't really my forte.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

She’s little more than skin and bone; abandoned by dead parents and ignored by kin who have little enough for themselves, let alone a runt like her.
Merlin takes her chin in his hand and looks her in the eye. “Who are you?”
She replies with a glare. “Guinevere.”
He nods and offers his hand, which she takes without hesitation, and from then on, that is how it always will be.
He teaches her all that he can, forms from that runt a killer and a leader, to take his place when he dies, and to use against his enemies.

Author's Name: Jax
Title: Formation
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Uther takes charge of a rabble, and what he sees breaks him. No dignity, no respect, and no real reason to have either.
He makes them respect him, with words or his sword or his fists if he has to, and then he does the same for them, making the Romans treat them with something like grudging respect.
He teaches them to read so the Romans cannot trick them, and he teaches them tactics so the natives cannot gain the upper hand without hard work.
He makes them into something great and he makes of them a legacy for himself.


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