Ash (sasha_b) wrote in ka100,

Mod Post

Alrighty guys.

After much deliberation and much thought and much worry about this - I think our little drabble comm has gone the way of the dinosaur.

This place was created on August 2, 2005, and we had a really good run.

Unless someone is really interested in taking on ka100, I am going to shut this puppy down here in a few weeks. That will give you time to get whatever drabbles off here you would like to save.

I want to thank every person who commented and participated over the years and tell you I really did enjoy running this place. I love the King Arthur fandom and always will. I hope it continues on in some form or another for as long as there are fans.

If you truly are interested in taking on the community, PM me or send me an email. This place has been my baby for a long time and I want someone to love it as much as I did. *laughs* Cheers muchly for everyone's input, creativity and time. I really enjoyed being a part of it.


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