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all good things

I want to thank each and every person who's ever participated here and given comments. I want to thank dea_liberty for starting this place, and I want to thank everyone who ever encouraged me and gave feedback and thoughts on ka100.

This forum will remain static as an archive; you won't be able to post, but you can read and enjoy the drabbles here. We have over 500 posted pieces and I'm happy to keep them alive for future readers. And if you see something here you like, by all means seek out that author and let them know. Also, there is also an excellent archive and source for fic at King Arthur Fan Fiction. It's not very busy but a good place to find other stories and meet other authors.

The King Arthur fandom will not die, but merely be seen and loved in other places. I will still write in my journal, and I can't imagine that most of our prolific writers won't do the same.

I cannot begin to express my love for this fandom and how many good and wonderful people I've met because of it. Thanks for letting me show that here for so many years.

Cheers to everyone. I raise my wine to you all.
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